About iMed Health iMed Heath Training
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About iMed Health

About iMed Health Training

Education is truly one of the greatest opportunities available in this country. We want to establish a program for transitional adults to not only establish a trade but to enhance their motivation to succeed so they can continue to progress long after they receive their certification, and in life.


iMed Health Training center short-term programs helps student focus and strive only in the medical field exclusivley, the school equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to begin functioning immediately as a medical professional . We keep our instructor to student ratio low; this ensures all students get the undivided attention they need to have successful medical careers.


iMed Health Training Center offers comprehensive academic programs in two general study areas including Medical Billing and Coding. Within these three broad based training programs, iMed students may choose among a number of possible medical specialty fields thus allowing the student better flexibility in future career planning.

Why iMed?

While attending iMed Health Training Center, students will benefit from short term classes, hands-on training beginning the first week, and schedules that allow a student to work while in school.


iMed Health Training Center was originally founded in 2012, by Joey Floyd to address the growing need for skilled medical professionals, and to help provide a quality service in the health field.

Check out our simple student admission process! With financial aid options and year-round classes, you will find the perfect program!