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Career Services

Build You Future Today!

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions we make on our journey through life. It affects from an economics standpoint what we can provide for ourselves, spouse, children, and others. It often determines the lifestyle we can afford, the clothes, cars, and homes we purchase. Income, demand, growth potential, and stability are certainly important factors to consider when exploring career options. Long term success in a career though is often determined by how we feel about our occupation. Personal happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment on the job, are equally important when choosing a career.


Our staff is dedicated to finding jobs and roles for our students to start their career after completion of their training at our Training Facility. Striving to be an industry leader, iMed’s mission is to assist students, staff, and employers by helping them achieve their full potential, providing the necessary training, and creating an environment conducive to success.

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iMed “Where opportunity knocks”

The number of jobs available for medical workers is expected to continue to grow with the aging population, advances in medical technology, and the expansion of the health care industry should continue to afford medical students a good degree of job security.


In addition to employment in hospitals and private physicians’ offices, many iMed graduates find employment in:

• Medical specialty offices
• Medical administrative assistant
• Medical clinics
• Dental offices
• Chiropractic offices
• Home health care agencies
• Nursing homes
• Long term care facilities
• Insurance companies
• Public health clinics
• Hospice care

• Medical supply companies
• Out patient clinics
• Surgical centers
• Medical equipment companies
• Medical billing and collections companies
• Rehabilitation centers
• Radiology facilities
• Other allied health professionals or alternative health care providers