Health Information Tech Program iMed Heath Training
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Health Information Tech Program


Job Description

As with most other industries, the healthcare field is taking hold of 21st century technology, and changing the way doctors care for their patients.


This fast-paced, short-term course is perfect for students looking to get a quality education with limited time for school.


The Electronic Health Records Management program prepares student to use and understand electronic records in a medical setting. This comprehensive course incorporates real-world exercises using a general software to create patient records, lab reports, nurse and physician notes, and much more. Student will gain a solid understanding of the legal aspects including patient confidentiality and the disclosure of medical records.

Job Information

Responsibilities of a Health Information Tech (EMR):


• Process patient admission and discharge documents
• Enter, record, store and maintain information, such as demographic characteristics, history and extent of disease, diagnostic procedures, or treatment, in electronic form
• Retrieve patient medical records for physician, technicians, or other medical personnel
• Understand terminology and concepts related to third-party reimbursement
• Use computer software, including applications, to enter date and process information using electronic medical record (EMR) software
• Retrieve patient medical records for physicians, technicians, or other medical personnel

How Much Can I Make in Health Information Tech (EMR)?


As the population ages, employment for electronic health records specialist is expected to increase by 22% through 2022, adding 41,000 EHR jobs to the healthcare field.


Pay scales of medical coders and billers vary by employer, geographic location and experience, and you can quickly increase your earning potential by earning industry credentials:


• Competitive Salaries- The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the middle 50% of Electronic Health Records Specialist (Click Here To View Salaries)
• iMed Health Training Center offers through completion of training you will be scheduled to take the National Healthcareer Association testing and become (EHRS) Certified Electronic Health Record specialist for entry-level certification (

How Long Will The Training Take?

How long will the training take?


The Electronic Health Records Specialist training program is designed to be completed in 9 weeks of full-time study.


What will I be Learning:


• Computer Fundamental
• Medical Terminology A/P
• EMR Software
• Reimbursement Methodologies
• HIPAA Regulation
• Career Development

Do I Have To be Certified?

iMed Health Training Center program are specifically designed to prepare students for national,

entry-level Electronic Health Records Specialist certification exams, even though certification is not always a prerequisite for employment.   We are an approved site for the National Healthcareer Association Test, Once the student complete all recommended courses he/she will be required to take the NHA testing.

Health Information Tech FAQs

What is the benefit of electronic health record (EHR)


The electronic Health record sometimes call and (EMR) allows Health-Care providers to record patient information electronically instead of using paper records.


What the difference between Medical Billing Coding and our Health Information Tech program?


Our medical billing and coding program consist of more course that includes business communication and Basic Math, also our MBC program focus on Code settings ICD-10, HCPCS, CPT.

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